Rig Side Cooling Systems


Rig Cooling systems provide the ultimate protection from rig flaring operations.
Total solutions offer a choice of a rented portable cooling system, a dedicated fixed system or a combination of both, custom designed and built into your installation.
Following installation our systems are operated by our experienced operatives to run the systems during high activity periods.
Portable and fixed systems both make use a sprinkler Nozzle. Fitted on the burner boom, the unit provides a proven effective umbrella barrier close to the heat source limiting the transfer of radiated heat through the atmosphere and thereby on to the rig.
This system has been specifically designed for low to medium well test flaring rates. This containerized package provides a portable, flexible and cost effective solution to heat radiation problems,. It can be deployed for: Flare boom cooling system.
Rig Side (handrail) cooling system.
This system has been conceived with maximum design flexibility to ensure that the system is compatible with most offshore installations.
Quick and easy to install the rapid response rig cooling system comprises the following key features:
Small footwork
Clearly identifiable and differentiates from offshore installation emergency fire equipment.
Fully containerized unit.


Rig cooling protects the installation’s structure, allowing well test flaring operations to continue and ensures that personnel can work within a safe, efficient and cost effective environment. Improvements in flaring technology have resulted in new challenges for standard rig deluge systems. These systems find it difficult to cope with the high temperatures experienced on rigs during flaring operations resulting in wet and potentially hazardous working conditions.
Rig cooling provides a solution that meets these challenges by creating a water shield to protect the installation. This shield of atomized sea water attenuates the extreme heat, noise and light generated by offshore well test flaring. Systems are designed to keep the installation dry, reducing heat radiation whilst preserving installation integrity.

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