Silos are storage equipment used for long-term or short-term storage of dry items such as cement, food grains, etc., or liquids such as water, chemicals, etc. A silo is also used for blending (mixing) multiple items in which case these are termed Blending Silos. A silo can have a very vast range of size starting from a few feet in diameter up to say 50 feet in diameter and 100 feet or more in height.

These are generally designed and fabricated out of carbon steel in parts as per customer requirements in terms of capacity, and type of material. Each silo is specifically engineered to withstand seismic forces, environmental changes, wind loads, etc. Welded silos can be fabricated using a skirt, leg, or structural support.


• Design Temperature: 200°C
• Materials: Carbon Steel Boiler Plate, Stainless Steel Grade 316
• External: painted