Portable Flare

With the increasing exploration of shale formations around the globe, portable open and enclosed Well Head and Well Pad Flares are the perfect solution to completing wells quickly and effectively while staying in compliance with oil and gas gathering field environmental regulations. Whether you need a skid-mounted portable flare or trailer-mounted flare, our portable gathering station and flow testing flares do not require a customer’s foundation for flaring. unique designs can meet a variety of operating conditions and temperatures, and can be custom designed for any application. Portable Flares effectively handle the high pressure well head separator / heater treater flows, as well as low pressure tank battery vent gases that are common on most well pad locations. Our production flare systems can be engineered to perform independently or combined together to form a dual flare .ts offers a wide range of optional sizing to handle multiple well site flows from central gathering and processing facilities. Solar energy powered flare igniters are also available for remote locations where electricity is unavailable.


  • Dimensions: 9m x 2.5m.
  • LGear Pump: 4.3 cm3/min
  • Material: St37’2
  • Motor: 2 HP/380V/3000 r.p.m.

Process and Design

A.Section 1: operate the flare

  1. Swing the out rigger, Insert the holdingarm pin and lower the mechanical jack.
  2. Connect Power Source (3 * 380 V + I neutral)in to The Junction Box.
  3. Connect the Ignition and flaregases with closed valves
  4. Switch the pump on.
  5. Pull the hydraulic lever to the(updirection);watch the flare during rise travel.
  6. When the flare attheupright position insert the holdingpin.
  7. Switchthe ignition on, Open the pilotgas valve,and press the Ignition button to get the igntio flame on.
  8. Open theflare gas.
  9. Once the main flame starts closethe pilotgas.


B. Section 2 :Shut downthe flare

  1. Close the main gas valve
  2. Disconnect gas feeding lines
  3. Remove the holding pin
  4. Push the hydraulic lever in opposite direction
  5. At horizontal position switch the power source off
  6. Secure the flare in position
  7. Raise the mechanical support
  8. Swing back the out riggersto the skid side
  9. Secure the out rigger in place
  10. Safely load the flare