TS Reliability

At TS we make commitments, not excuses. Time and again we’ve built our reputation on doing the impossible. Once our people make an assurance, the entire TS company is ready to support that commitment. Whether it’s a special piece of equipment, a modification or a rapid response, we’ve built our business on coming through for our customers over and over again.

TS Expertise

Nobody is more knowledgeable than TS. we provide smarter solutions. Looking at the big picture enables our experts to provide the most effective combination of products to get the job done. Whether it’s a single tank, pump,filtration,offshore unit, or an integrated system, our recommendation will match your needs …. perfectly.

TS Safe

TS has a rigorous maintenance program . This QMS program is unique to TS. It insures each and every one of our products is safe, inspected and of the highest quality each time it’s ready for use by a customer.

TS Time

You can set your clock by it. We move faster and with more precision than anybody else in the industry. You can literally schedule your jobs, your crews, your whole schedule on TS time.

TS Tested

Our methods, our equipment, our service record, the relationships we’ve built and continue to build, are time tested. We deliver the expertise, reliability and commitment of an industry leader.

TS Value

Partnering with ts on your projects means that you will work alongside professionals dedicated to providing quality solutions integrated solutions that pull from a deep pool of talent, equipment and experience. It means that your challenges will be resolved using the most logical and comprehensive mix of our products . IS depth of experience and reputation for innovative system design ensures your project will be successful first time and every time.

If you see you got the potential to join TS, JUST MAIL US with your resume on career@totalsolutions.com.eg