Solar Heaters


This model is not pressurized, its advantage is the most popular, economic and classical product in international market, but it works only because of natural


This model discards the traditional appearance and the bothering maintenance. At the same time, it creates the time of standing pressure, it is especially suitable for the heating system project,schools,hospital and hotels and so on

System Principle

The water in water tank is only used for heat absorption, heat storage and heat release, the water quantity in heat storage tank is constant, the used hot water is produced in the follow procedure: the cold water enters in heat storage tank through winding pipe, the cold water absorbs the energy from solar hot water in heat storage tank and then turns hot, as the built in properties of winding pipe, the temperature of output water is close to the temperature of solar hot water in water tank.(Temperature difference<=3 , this the compressive tap water continues entering winding pipe and absorbs the energy of solar hot water and then the tap ℃ water become hot and released for use. The water quantity in heat storage tank is constant, but the water temperature keeps dropping until the temperature of the water in winding pipe has no heat transform value.)