Skid Mounted


Skid to mount compressor, air receiver tank, pre-filtration unit, filtration unit, cooling unit and piping.
All steel sections and plates of material ASTM A-36.
All steel parts of the structure will be completely continued welded for perfect sealing and corrosion protection.
Computer design calculation sheet for steel structure for all members & all loading conditions by TS.
Bolts will be ASTM A325M high strength bolts, with a minimum of M20 diameter.
Equipment will be mounted on the skid such that equipment supports are directly attached to the primary structural members of the skid.
Frame will be fabricated from HEB sections of material ASTM A-36.
Serrated grating 100x30x25x5 mm will be in accordance with ASTM A569M and galvanized as per ASTM A123.
Four certified lifting pad eyes for easy maneuvering and certified slings.