Offshore Open Top Containers

Standard designs available form 3 ton SWL up to 28 ton.
Designs conform to relevant BS and En Standards.
Construction details are robust all welded fabrications and each unit is individually proof tested.

Technical Description

  • Tarpaulin securing points on all units.
  • The units are stackable, reducing lay down area requirements.
  • Drainage is designed into the unit to minimize the risk of retained water increasing the gross weight of the lift.
  • Multiple internal tie-down points for safe and secure transportation of cargo.
  • Tarpaulins complete with supports available if required.
  • Ant-slip floor surface.
  • Extensive range of sizes available.
  • Certified Slings complete with shackles are provided according to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards.
CCU Inqury Form