Lab Cabin


The interior of our units is designed with close attention to detail and several advanced features to ensure an optimal working environment. We have made sure that counter and storage space is plentiful and supplies are always easily accessible. The sample preparation area is large enough to perform all sample related procedures from washing and drying the sample to autocalacimetry analysis. Chemicals, trays, glassware and other sample related items can also be stored in this area. The geologist work area is to the left of the sample preparation area and includes a computer station for updating the log and running offline programs. An area is also reserved for the company geologist and operator where necessary. It includes counter and wall space, ample leg room, storage drawers, electrical outlets and network connection ports and a data display monitor can also be placed in this area of the laboratory. All of our modules are designed to be highly flexible and robust for use throughout the world and are designed for easy and efficient shipping.


  • The container comes fully complete internally with all interface connections terminated in junction boxes, for easy coupling to platform supply.
  • TS take full multi-discipline responsibility including design and structural calculations, layout, outfitting including procurement of cabinets and furniture etc.
  • Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire and Gas,Telecom and the Ventilation system, including internal ductwork are also usually under our scope of work.

The system has been designed with the following key features

  • Can be easily transported to any destination
  • Fully self contained
  • Layouts for 20ft or 40ft containers
  • Minimal setup time reducing analysis costs
  • Customisable to meet your requirements
  • Fully certified for offshore usage .EN 12079 - DNV 2.7-1