Bop Skids


The BOP Handler is a hydraulic skid designed to transport, raise and position the BOP. Our BOP Handling system allows the BOP to be moved fully assembled from location to location. The BOP Handling System is designed to transport an assembled BOP horizontally, raise it to vertical, and position the BOP over well center. Veristic's BOP Handling System reduces rig move time by eliminating the need to break flange connections, handle the annular and rams, align seals, and torque 48-60 bolts. The BOP Handler also provides access to pressure test the BOP before nipple up. The BOP Handling System can support stack sizes up to 13 5/8”-10M.


BOP Handling and Transporter System is designed with following the features:
The BOP Transportation Skid allows the entire BOP Stack (Max. 60,000 LB) to remain assembled between rig-move to minimize rig-up & rig-down time. Raise or lower the complete BOP Stack safely from horizontal position to upright position using hydraulic power. The maximum vertical raising load is less than 10 Tons. .center by a built-in hydraulic cylinder. Includes lift eyes to accommodate vertical lifting of the entire BOP at the well center. Provides easy access to service the BOP stack.