Acid Coated Tanks


TS Tank can handle most of your coating needs. Inform us of the intended use of your vessel and we will consult with the coating manufacturer who will best meet your job requirements.

The following information is crucial for selecting the proper coating system:

Interior Coating

Product to be stored?



Insulated or noninsulated tank?

Exterior Coating Tank to be placed indoors or outdoors?

Exposure to extreme or mild temperatures, salt spray, heat, or other?

All surfaces to be coated are prepared to coating manufacturers' specifications and SSPC standards for surface preparation to ensure the longevity of the system. We take special care in assisting you in the interior design to assure that coatings cover all interior surfaces.

Design data for acid coted tank

Special coatings are designed for

hot water - carbon filters - sulfuric acid
and many other applications
cold water - jet fuel - resin storage
media filters - diesel fuel - sewage

Coating manufacturers Include

Jotun painting - Sigma painting .........and others